China sends 34 war jets and four ships on ‘combat readiness’ patrols close to Taiwan in chilling escalation

CHINA has sent war jets and four warships near Taiwan amid boiling tensions between the two countries.

Taiwan‘s defence ministry detected 34 Chinese military aircraft flying near the island as well as four warships carrying out “combat readiness” patrols.

APTaiwan has detected four Chinese war jets flying near the island[/caption]

It is the second time China sends warships and fighter jets over Taiwan in just a matter of days as 13 aircraft and six vessels were spotted around the island on Saturday.

They were scrambled during a visit by US treasury secretary Janet Yellen to Beijing aimed at mending strained relations.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said it is monitoring the situation from the air and sea, and land-based missile systems were prepared to respond.

It said four Chinese aircraft including two SU-30 fighters, crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait that serves as a de-facto border between the sides.

 China regards the self-governing island, as part of its territory and sends air and naval missions on virtually a daily basis.

In April, China’s leader Xi Jinping ordered simulations of air and sea strikes described as a “stern warning” to the island.

In total, 71 Chinese jets were involved in the mission around Taiwan, 100 miles off China’s eastern border.

And air alerts sounded as around 20 warships — half from China and half from Taiwan — were involved in a tense stand-off.

In order to prepare for a potential Chinese attack, Taiwan is now set to hold a massive safety drill across the country.

Officials alongside police officers will lead residents to bomb shelters at the time of the drill, the defence ministry said.

Chu Sen-tsun, a senior official at the defence ministry’s All-Out Defense Mobilisation Agency told the Financial Times: “[We will] test halting cars and evacuating people nearby and actual entry into air defence evacuation facilities.”

He added that the purpose of the exercise is for people to “get used to evacuating immediately when the alarm sounds so that we can build air defence awareness across society”.

Authorities urged residents to download a police app so they can locate the closest shelters and suggested saving an offline map on their phones to use in an emergency.

Experts have previously warned the US’s support of Taiwan could trigger a war between Beijing and the United States.

Defence expert Robert Clark told The Sun Online a sea and air blockade by the People’s Liberation Army is “now Beijing’s main recourse for punitive action” against Taiwan.

“A blockade of Taiwan by the Chinese military would undoubtedly be used as a less riskier option for China than a full-scale invasion,” he said.

“The success or failure of such a blockade would likely dictate any further Chinese military activity – full-scale invasion at a later stage.

“A full and lasting blockade would not only likely restrict US military activity it could also have the desired effect of Taipei’s political capitulation to Beijing due to the economic consequences.”

AFPChina has sent 34 jets to Taiwan[/caption]

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