US President Joe Biden has arrived in the UK to meet with King Charles & PM Rishi Sunak

JOE Biden has touched down in the UK to meet with King Charles and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak this week.

The US president landed at London Stansted this evening with discussions in Downing Street scheduled on Monday morning.

ReutersUS president Joe Biden has landed at London Stansted airport before talks with Rishi Sunak and King Charles this week[/caption]

APThe White House revealed Mr Biden and the PM will ‘compare notes’ on the Ukrainian counter-offensive[/caption]

He was greeted on the runway, after disembarking Air Force One, by Jennifer Tolhurst, Lord-Lieutenant of Essex, and Jane Hartley, US Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Talks with the PM come after Mr Biden’s controversial decision to send controversial cluster bombs to Ukraine to assist the fightback against Russia.

The munitions have been banned in more than 100 countries as unexploded “bomblets” can remain on the ground and detonate years later on civilians.

Previously, the White House had held off sending them to Kyiv over fears of harming the innocent.

But, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan now says they are “necessary” owing to Russia’s use of the weapon

Mr Sunak has responded by saying Britain “discourages” their use but No 10 have not confirmed whether the issue will be discussed.

But, the White House revealed the pair will “compare notes” on the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

A US official also stated it is likely Mr Biden will share his views on the peace process in Northern Ireland.

This will be the fifth time in five months the leaders have come together to discuss the challenges.

Another “critical component” of their talks, according to the president’s climate envoy John Kerry, will be the environment.

After talks with the Prime Minister, Mr Biden will travel to Windsor Castle where he will receive a royal salute and the US national anthem will be performed by the Welsh Guards.

This will be followed by some tea and a chat with King Charles.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said: “The King will meet the President of the United States of America at Windsor Castle on Monday July 10.”

The pair will join with members of a Climate Finance Mobilisation Forum.

During these talks, philanthropic leaders will come together to suggest what support they can offer to poorer nations.

But, the main focus of Mr Biden’s five-day visit will be the annual Nato summit, held this year in Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

On Tuesday, he and Mr Sunak will attend and join other leaders to focus on Ukraine and its bid to join.

Although it has been agreed the country cannot join as the war continues, Mr Biden has described Kyiv’s bid as “premature”.

However, Britain has shown support for a fast-track approach for the war-torn country.

The US president will also potentially be questioned on his choice to send cluster munitions to Kyiv as two thirds of the defence alliance have signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

This bans the use, stockpiling or transfer of the munitions because of the danger they can pose to innocent civilians.

AFPUS President Joe Biden is greeted by Jane Hartley, Ambassador of the US to the United Kingdom, as he disembarks from Air Force One[/caption]

APPresident Joe Biden is greeted by Jennifer Tolhurst, Lord-Lieutenant of Essex, left, and Jane Hartley, US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, right[/caption]

ReutersThe main focus of Mr Biden’s five-day visit will be the annual Nato summit[/caption]

ReutersAfter talks with the Prime Minister, Mr Biden will travel to Windsor Castle to meet with King Charles[/caption]

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