Three kids among six killed in horror knife rampage at kindergarten in China as cops arrest 25-year-old man

THREE kids are among six people killed in a horror kindergarten stabbing in China.

Cops have arrested a 25-year-old man surnamed Wu following the terrifying rampage in Guangdong province.

SplashThree kids have been killed in a stabbing attack at a kindergarten in China’s Guangdong province[/caption]

Six people – three children, two parents and one teacher – were killed in the attack, AFP reports.

Another person was injured in the stabbing, which happened at 7.40am local time on Monday (23.40GMT on Sunday).

Police have classed the incident as “intentional assault” and are continuing to investigate.

It comes after three people were killed and six injured in a knife attack at a nursery in China’s Anfu County.

 Cops described a “gangster” wearing a peaked cap and a mask storming the private kindergarten.

After breaching the security measures and successfully entering the nursery, he began his sick stabbing spree.

Meanwhile in 2018, a woman went on a crazed kindergarten stabbing spree in China’s Chongqing City armed with a meat cleaver.

She is said to have randomly slashed and hacked the Yudong Xinshiji Kindergarten pupils, resulting in serious injuries.

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