Shocking moment brutal brawl breaks out on Ryanair plane ‘in row over window seat’ sparking two-hour delay

CHAOS broke out on a flight from Malta to Stansted as passengers were forced to separate two brawling men.

The two Ryanair passengers were in an altercation about seats, after one refused to let the other pass through the aisle.

Onlookers were shocked as the men brawled

The two men fought onboard, resulting in a two hour delay

A witness said: “The British man wouldn’t let the American man pass through to get to his window seat and then some words and swears were exchanged before a scuffle broke.

“The flight was delayed two hours – everyone was annoyed.”

The men can be seen swinging at each other while shocked passengers look on, before intervening.

Passengers could be heard moaning: “We’ll never get home.”

Members of staff also were forced to separate the two passengers to stop the violence.

Last month, a drunk dad fought armed cops who dragged him off a Ryanair plane following a seven-hour flight delay.

Darren Gill, 33, was with his partner and young son, but hit the bar when his 1pm flight was put back.

The boozy construction worker heckled cabin crew aboard the Ryanair flight from Manchester, due to take off for Spain.

When gun cops arrived he staggered and slurred: “Why am I being taken off, I’m not drunk?”

He resisted arrest and also headbutted a steel post.

Defence lawyer Harold Smith said: “He just foolishly consumed a lot of alcohol before the flight.”

Previously, a Ryanair passenger screamed “I’ll slap you around” while mid-air, sparking chaos.

The incident was captured on camera by passenger Sakib Ahmed during a three-hour flight to Malaga.

The London Stansted flight departed on February 7, after being delayed for four hours due to an Air Traffic Control strike.

In the video, a fight appears to break out between four men, three of which are sitting in a row of seats.

The man standing up points appears to hit one of the male passengers while a woman stands between them.

He says “I’ll slap you around” to the group while she replies “You’re better than this.”

The peaceful flight turned chaotic

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