Shock moment WWE legend The Undertaker forced to chase away huge shark stalking wife Michelle McCool just feet away

WWE legend The Undertaker was forced to step in after a huge shark came just feet from his wife Michelle McCool.

The wrestling icon – real name Mark Calaway – has been enjoying his downtime after retiring from the ring in 2020.

Instagram/@mimicalacoolMichelle McChool was relaxing by the beach when she spotted the shark[/caption]

Instagram/@mimicalacoolMichelle was close to it, as it swam in the shallows of the sea[/caption]

The 58-year-old is away on a dream holiday at present, believed to be on the luxury islands of the Maldives.

McCool was taking a dip in the sea, when the massive beast could be seen just a short distance away in the shallows.

She had mistaken the predator for vegetation in the ocean, clearly not spotting it properly under the waves.

And Taker – nicknamed the ‘Dead Man’ – stepped up to chase the shark away which was stalking his bikini-clad spouse.

She posted on her Instagram account: “I was simply enjoying a book on the beach when this “vegetation” looked a lot like a shark.

“I text hubby @undertaker – kinda digging that last picture …A LOT #myprotector.”

Thankfully for the pair, it is understood to have been a nurse shark, who are near harmless to humans.

However, it was still a scary moment for McCool, 58, who has been enjoying the week-long summer holiday away.

WWE fans reacted with delight at the video – telling The Undertaker he has still got his scary streak.

One said: “Only the deadman can were all black to the beach & scare off a shark.”

Another added: “I think you forgot your husband is THE Undertaker lol.

Instagram/@mimicalacoolThe Undertaker came to the rescue and scared off the shark[/caption]

Instagram/@mimicalacoolThe shark eventually swam off and minded its own business[/caption]

“That shark wanted no smoke.”

One joked: “The shark didn’t want to go one on one with The Undertaker!!”

And one replied: “Is it illegal to tombstone a shark?? Genuinely curious lol.”

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