Labour’s Rachel Reeves slams Just Stop Oil as ‘pathetic’ after eco-loon interrupts George Osborne’s wedding

LABOUR’S Rachel Reeves yesterday slammed Just Stop Oil as “pathetic”.

Shadow Chancellor Ms Reeves told Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “I have got no time for Just Stop Oil.

The Mega AgencyRachel Reeves slammed Just Stop Oil as ‘pathetic’ after an eco-loon ambushed George Osborne’s wedding[/caption]

GettyGeorge Osborne and his bride Thea Rogers were covered in orange confetti[/caption]

“It is a bit pathetic and quite tedious disrupting tennis, snooker, other people’s weddings.

“It is counterproductive and it is rude, frankly.”

The eco-protest group yesterday denied responsiblity for a female wedding-crasher showering ex-Chancellor George Osborne and his bride Thea Rogers in orange confetti on Saturday.

A spokesman said: “I neither condemn nor praise it.

“I don’t know who that lady is.”

The group had tweeted after the stunt that Mr Osborne looked “good in orange”.

Treasury minister Victoria Atkins condemned the interruption to Mr Osborne’s wedding.

She said: “This is a couple, clearly in love, on their wedding day and somebody has apparently taken the opportunity to throw some orange dust around.”

“I don’t understand why an organisation would want to stop other people from having fun and enjoyment.”

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