Daring models strut the catwalk wearing nothing but sticky tape in VERY raunchy show for ‘The Black Tape Project’

MODELS wore nothing but duct tape as they strutted down the catwalk in a daring fashion show.

The Black Tape Project used only duct tape to make swim wear for Miami Swim Week.

This year’s collection offered some colourful optionsRex Features

GettyThe suits leave little to the imagination[/caption]

Some of the looks barely covered the model’s intimate areas, and one model flashed her bum to the cameras.

Ranging from red to black to gold, the suits offered both bikini and one piece swim styles.

The looks left very little to the imagination, and jaws dropped as the models strutted down the cat walk.

The Black Tape Project was first featured at New York Fashion Week in 2018, and is known for debuting daring looks.

Taking off the high fashion tape costumes may prove painful.

The models also walked the cat walk at New York Fashion Week last year, wowing audiences.

Black Tape Project was created by Joel Alvarez – a first-generation Cuban-American from Miami.

Writing on his website, he recalled that a model on a shoot asked him to start taping her.

Alvarez said: “The design was so incomplete and extremely tight. She looked like the Michelin Man who lost a fight with rubber bands.

“I kept at it because I kept seeing lines and I found the ability to compliment the body by adding lines and creating negative spaces that called to viewers.”

Alvarez was living out of his car before finding a box that was hidden in his grandad’s closet that contained over $26,000 in a cigar box.

He used the funds to pay off debts and “turn his life around”, before buying a Canon Rebel XTI camera with his last $1500 and launching a career in photography.

He worked with models from MySpace and Model Mayhem and his work has been published in publications such as Maxim and Playboy.

Alvarez wants to encourage people around the world to “try the new genre of body art”.

One brave model who suffers from psoriasis that covers most of her body bared her skin and everyone loves it.

Stunning Giorgia Lanuzza from Basingstoke, Hampshire, has been battling with the skin problem since she was a teenager.

After losing her dad in a tragic accident at the age of just 13, Giorgia’s grief brought on the condition.

She explained: “Just after I lost my dad I noticed these patches on my lip, on my knees, on my elbows.

“It was difficult for me because not only I was going through stress and the grief of losing my dad but being a 13-year-old with big red dots coming up was quite difficult.”

To prove that sufferers don’t have to hide themselves away, 25-year-old Giorgia is determined to inspire them to have confidence in their bodies.

Black Tape Project was created by Joel Alvarez – a first-generation Cuban-American from Miami.Rex Features

GettyThe skimpy outfits are made only using tape[/caption]

GettyThe daring looks were showcased in Miami[/caption]

GettyModels bared their all for the daring show[/caption]

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